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Welcome to HVmusic. We showcase the diverse musicians in the Hudson Valley, and YOU provide the content. Add your FREE listings and classifieds.
Nakenterprise 2024 Record Label Talent Event
Nakenterprise 2024 Record Label Talent Event
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Potluck Creative Arts - Custom Songs/Instrumentals
Express yourself by having Mark S. Meritt custom write an original song or instrumental composition based on your own needs and desires.--Personal, intimate expressions of love, loss and emotion make an extraordinary gift--Celebrations and milestones births and birthdays, weddings and anniversaries, growth, graduation, holidays and more--Pieces and scores for theatrical productions, motion picture and videogame soundtracks, websites, special events, advertising/marketing and more--Original works tailored especially for singers, musicians and music groupsThe innovative process of Appreciative Inquiry (AI) guides the creation of your one-of-a-kind piece. An inspiring and clarifying appreciative interview draws out what is best and most meaningful for the subject you have in mind. Together, you and Mark envision the final work, including musical styles and arrangements. The investment of 1-2 hours of your time results in a clear and powerful shared vision for your piece.Combining his talents as an accomplished songwriter/composer with your completed interview, Mark creates original music and lyrics that capture the essence of your thoughts, your feelings, your story. His compositional ability is as varied as his vast performance repertoire of songs in styles from Ragtime to Rock and everything in between, allowing him to tailor the music for your piece. Through a review a draft recording, and lyrics when applicable, you and Mark will finalize your desires together. The final production is then completed by Mark, including a professional recording, and lyrics sheet when applicable.

Contact Potluck Creative Arts - Custom Songs/Instrumentals
Location: Schenectady County, NY
Phone: (646) 736.2639

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